Services Provided

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(Both on Zoom and in person.)

Individual therapy

I start every session with an open mind and heart, and we work together to find solutions, build insight, and help you move toward the life you want. I integrate specialized training in psychodynamics, communication and human relating to help you understand yourself (including past memories, current feelings and future goals) and your important relationships more fully. I offer a focus on increasing your emotional awareness, as well as on undoing the challenging impacts of anxiety and depression. I also have extensive experience with children and youth, and can support them and their families in addressing school- and home-based concerns. Further, I have training and experience in supporting individuals experiencing trauma, grief, and substance use challenges.

Group therapy

I'm a Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP). I've received years of training in group therapy, especially from psychodynamic and systems-oriented perspectives. Group therapy offers a unique chance to learn more about yourself and to practice new ways of communicating to yourself and others. Group therapy can be helpful with regard to trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, relationships, and overall challenges in living. Currently I run a Wednesday night gay men's group in Chelsea. I serve on the leadership of the Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society, and on the faculty of the EGPS Training Program in Group Psychotherapy.

Relationship & couples therapy

I work collaboratively with relationships to open channels of communication, and interrupt ineffective patterns. We'll find new ways to work, play and love better, exploring different roles and goals together. I welcome and effectively support all types of relationships, with special attunement to queer and sexual minority relationship systems, including poly and open folks. I also have training and experience relevant to work with interracial partnerships.

Supervision and Consultation

I offer clinical supervision to mental health practitioners, especially those who work with LGBTQ+ folks, and those who work with children and youth. I offer a special focus on emotional depth, (counter)transference, and systems dynamics.

Further, I provide consultation, especially to primary education (K-12) staff, teachers and administrators. This consultation especially focusses on navigating the complex dynamics and communication concerns related to school-based work. I have years of school-based experience, and know how to help. Consultation can be offered on an as-needed (one or more sessions) or ongoing basis.

System for Analyzing Verbal Interaction Trainer

I am a SAVIĀ® Certified Trainer. SAVI is a communication tool that provides a systematic, objective analysis of what makes conversations succeed or fail. I integrate this transformative model into my individual, couples, and group work. I also offer trainings and workshops in SAVI. To learn more, visit: or

Out-of-Network Provider

Therapy is a serious investment, and I'm interested in doing what I can to make it affordable for you. I offer sliding scale consideration. My regular fees range from $165-$225 for individual sessions, and $230-$300 for relationships/couples work.

I am not on any insurance panels, but if your insurance plan offers out-of-network benefits, I am happy to provide a "superbill" for you to submit for reimbursement. Often insurance will reimburse a substantial portion of your fee.